In order to import any entities using Import Manager you would need to create an Import Template. Head to Templates page under Import Manager section to see your exsisting templates and create new one

Initializing a template

  1. Click on Add New in the top right corner to create new template

  2. In the Entity field select entity that you would like to import with this template. Import Manager offers a variety of entities, including Products, Categories, Attributes, Manufacturers, etc.

  3. Input a Name for your template. Name serves only informational purpose for you and other administrators of the website.

  4. Click on Save and Continue Edit to initialize your template.

  5. Select an Entity Key for your template. This key will be used to map existing values in your store to a newly imported values.

  6. Select file Format that will be used for this template. Import Manager supports a variety of file formats: CSV (Comma Separated Value Files), XML, XLSX (Excel Spreadsheets), TXT

  7. Select an Action that will be performed by import. Insert option would only insert new values into database and ignore other values that are already present in the database. Update option would only update existing entities and ignore new entities. Insert and Update would perform both operations.

  8. Select Encoding of your files. By default you can set it to Auto, but if you encounter any issues during your imports, you might need select it manualy.

  9. Admin Coment serves only informational purpose to other website administrators about this template and can be left emply.

  10. If needed, you can enable backup of files that were used for import.

You can't change entity after initialization of a template

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