Category is used to import or update Categories

Possible Entity Keys

Category supprots ID or Name as entity key.

Your entity key must be unique. If you have two categories with same Name fields, you will not be able to use Name as entity key.

Column Destinations

Altohugh category has many different column destinations, we would describe only ones that have special functionality.

Column destinationExplanation

Key (Category Id)

The value that you selected as entity key for this template. If you selected Name as key, you can specify either full path, or most bottom category name. For example, Laptops>>Macbook or just Macbook. Note, if you are specifying full path, your parent category must exist, if category is newly created, it will be assigned to parent category automatically. If you are specifying most bottom category name, it should be unique.


File name of a picture (ex. phone.png), or URL to a picture, or full path on server.

Discount Name or ID

You can specify multiple discounts in one cell, you should use | (vertical bar) symbol for this. Example, 20% off|30% off would apply 20% off and 30% off discounts.

All other column destinations do not support inputing multiple values in one cell, and they don't support using multiple columns as well.

Example Table

Category NamePictureShow on home page









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