ACL Mapping

ACL Mapping is used to control permissions for your website

Possible Entity Keys

ACL Mapping import templates supprot keys from entity that you are using mapping for.

Your entity key must be unique. If you have two products with same Name fields, you will not be able to use Name as entity key.

Column Destinations

Column destinationExplanation


The value that you selected as entity key for this template.

Customer role '<Role Name>'

TRUE or FALSE value, whether to allow or remove access for this group of customers.

If you don't have ACL Mapping set up for this product/category/manufacturer, all groups would have access to this product. If you set up any restrictions, all, except groups with TRUE value, will not have access.

Example table

This is an example table for ACL Mapping of Product

SKUCustomer role 'Guests'Customer role 'Administrators'










With the import above being the only ACL rules that are set up for products with SKU 001, 002 and 003, the following scenario would be executed. 1. Guests and Administrators would have access to Product 001, no other groups would have access. 2. Only Administrators would have access to Product 002. 3. Nobody would have access to Product 003.

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