Product Attribute Mapping

Product Attribute Mapping is used to assign Product Attributes to Products

Before Assigning Product Attributes, you need to create Product Attribute.

Possible Entity Keys

Product Specification Attribute supprots ID, SKU, GTIN, Manufacturer part number or Name of your Product as entity key.

Your entity key must be unique. If you have two products with same Name fields, you will not be able to use Name as entity key.

Column Destinations

Below you would find some constants that represent different values for some Column Mappings. Use these values in your cells during imports.

Column DestinationConstants

Control Type

For Dropdown List use value 1 For Radio List use value 2 For Checkboxes use value 3 For Textbox use value 4 For Multiline Textbox use value 10 For Datepicker use value 20 For File Upload use value 30 For Color Squares use value 40 For Image Squares use value 45 For Readonly Checkboxes use value 50

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